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TRANG CHỦ  Introduction
Water Festival – unique culture in Na LuongLocated next to the gentle Nam Mu river, 7km to the East of National Highway 4D, Na Luong Village (Na Tam Commune, Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province) is the place that over 90 families with 400 members of Lao People are living. Thanks to the wild natural beauty and the long traditional culture, ...Chi tiết
Dao san country fairDao San country fair is held every Wednesday and Sunday in the central of Dao San Commune, Phong Tho District. This is a typical fair in Lai Chau and the whole Northwest region. Chi tiết
Tam Duong’s unique sport of stone archeryDuring the two-day festival of Mong People in Tam Duong District, Lai Chau province (9-10 of March), we witnessed a unique sport game in the first time – stone archery. Chi tiết
Passionate in a region of beautyEager adventurers (known as “Dân phượt”) are very passionate about numerous villages in the Northwest, including Sin Ho. “Sin Ho” in local language means “many streams”. Sin Ho is divided into two zones: Low zone and high zone. The most impressive thing in the low zone is two big springs ...Chi tiết
The rustic village of Sin Suoi HoSin Suoi Ho is an ethnic Mong village, located on the mountain peak, alternately surrounded by fog and purifying highland sunlight all year round. The road to the village runs more than 30 kilometers from Lai Chau city along wavy roads, tottery slopes, and steep slants into the vast of fanciful clouds, promising an unspoiled, rustic destination, filled ...Chi tiết
GOING UPSTREAM ALONG THE BLACK RIVERSaying that we go upstream the Black river is just an exaggeration. Basically we only went along the left bank of this swift river to discover its historical mysteries. In fact, to successfully accomplish this adventure was already a miracle to us. Lai Chau can be called the best place to challenge ...Chi tiết
DISCOVERING SIN HO – UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCEWith an average altitude of 1,500 m above sea level and the average annual temperature of about 18oC, along with the spectacular natural landscape and well-preserved diversifying ecosystem, Sin Ho highland is considered the second Sa Pa of Vietnam. Chi tiết
“Han Khuong” FestivalThe Thai People in the Northwest of Vietnam have many forms of cultural activities on the occasion of wedding parties, new home parties, new rice harvest festivals... Chi tiết
Spring festivals in Lai ChauWhen the spring begins, ethnic groups in Lai Chau are eager to begin the festival season in happy atmosphere and colorful culture. In the tradition of agriculture life, spring is the time people rest and enjoy their life after a hard working year. This is time for people to relax ...Chi tiết
Dao san country fairDao San country fair is held every Wednesday and Sunday in the central of Dao San Commune, Phong Tho District. This is a typical fair in Lai Chau and the whole Northwest region. Chi tiết
Going to Sung market in the land with 12 levels of mountainsThe uphill road from Phong Tho District to Dao San peak is just 30km, the travelers can go an extra 40km to will reach Si Lo Lau. The area with 8 border communes in the north of Dao San – Phong Tho, Lai Chau is located at the height of ...Chi tiết
The spectacular pass of O Quy HoO Quy Ho is one of the most rugged and dangerous passes in the Northwest. It is a challenge for those who want to conquer and explore new experience. Chi tiết
Sin Ho plateau – the roof of Lai ChauAbout 60 km to the west of Lai Chau borough, following national road 4D, Sin Ho is a mountainous district in middle of Lai Chau province. With the population of 56.000, including 15 ethnic groups, Sin Ho’s area is 1746 km2. Geographically, Sin Ho borders Van Nam (China) in the ...Chi tiết
Brilliant strange beauty of Na LuongWe arrived at Na Luong (Na Tam Commune, Tam Duong Town) in a beautiful sunny day, while on a provincial tourism resources survey trip. There are many Sapa tour operators and one consultant from SNV Netherlands Development Organization in that team. Chi tiết
Lai Chau – Ideal choice for 2 weekend daysIf you ever find yourself being under great pressure at work, or tired of the big cities’ cramped space, or simply just want to try new experiences and discover new places, you should spend your weekend in Lai Chau province to immerse in its spectacular nature, along the unspoiled villages ...Chi tiết
Pu Sam Cap cavernsComing to Lai Chau, not only tourists can immerse themselves in the spectacular mountain scenery, cloud-covered curving mountain passes, or discover unique cultures of 20 ethnic groups, but they also have the chance to enjoy the amazing beauty of Pu Sam Cap caverns. Chi tiết
O QUY HO – THE LEGENDARY PASSTourists travelling to this pass usually hear the story about a kind of bird with a tormenting song, originated from an unsuccessful love story since time immemorial, often sung in the end of the day in Hoang Lien Mountain. The sound it made “O Quy Ho” was eventually given to ...Chi tiết
Overview of Lai Chau province1. Geographical locationLai Chau is a Northwest border province of the country, 450 kilometers from Hanoi, geographical coordinates are from 21°51' to 22°49' North, from 102°19' to 103°59' East; the province’s North and Northwest borders with Yunnan Province of China, its West borders with Dien Bien Province, the East and ...Chi tiết
Lost in the mystical field of Muong Than “First Thanh, Second Lo, Third Than, Forth Tac” – an old adage from our ancestors placed Muong Than among the most beautiful fields in Northwest region. Chi tiết
Exploring Ma Ly PhoMa Ly Pho is a remote village of Lai Chau province, the sacred frontier of our beloved country. The windy and sunny atmosphere of Ma Ly Pho is made more wonderful by the Nam Na stream – a major tributary of the Black River winding into Vietnam, bringing irrigation water to this land. Chi tiết